Josh Cottrell

Google Data Studio Consulting based in Los Angeles, CA

Get a 360° view of your business with the best Google Data Studio templates & custom reports.

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Hourly consulting: $159/hour
Per project minimum: $2000



Whether you need a stunning custom report created, or need a partner to manage your entire Google Data Studio workflow, we can help.

We also offer competitive monitoring services that give you a 360° view of your competition. If you need to know when a competitor's price changes, they list a new product, or get mentioned across the web, we can tell you first. We're experts in spotting early signals and anticipating their next move.


Head Consultant, Josh Cottrell: co-founded and lead product design and data visualization for the comp intel and media monitoring startup MarketSpace Inc (acquired 2016). Worked with the acquirer as a product manager delivering custom automated reporting systems to Google, Apple, Lego, Gatorade and others.

“Josh's ability to adapt effortlessly to new technology, new challenges and the needs of a business are humbling." CEO, Imageblock

“Josh has added a ton of value across our operations, including major contributions to the design of the end-to-end product and user experience; designing, implementing and evaluating key performance metrics through analytics on multiple platforms." CEO, MarketSpace


You're constantly being told that your data is valuable. That it's an underutilized resource. That you need to put it into action, extract value from it... etc. etc. etc.

The problem is that nobody ever explains how exactly you're supposed to extract value from that data.

Maybe they tell you, "use google analytics, try Mixpanel, track your user behavior, use KPIs..." but honestly, that doesn't mean much... especially if you don't know where to focus first.

You could go in a thousand different directions. There's no simple answer to which direction is best.

But you DO need to choose a direction. Because data is a huge factor in your success if you're:
• starting a new business
• scaling your startup
• trying to understand and improve your existing business
• working with ecommerce
• creating ANY digital products

The reason nobody ever gives you a clear answer about using your data is because there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Again, your data matters... but it's not easy to make it actionable.

Some people think this means they need to hire a data scientist, buy insanely expensive software, and start doing structured testing...

But, it's much easier than that.

There is so much you can glean from the data you already have. You just need someone to guide you, give your data context, and help stitch it all into a narrative that you can understand.

That's what I can do for you. I'm here to help you find SIGNAL in the NOISE.

And I'm dedicated to doing it without wasting your resources or loading you up with unnecessary software and services.

I can take the data you already have and find you actionable insights. This can be a one-time report, a market analysis, business plan, or it can mean building you a Google Data Studio page that you can check every day.

I can also help get you collect more of the data you need. That means knowing:
• the moment your competitor updates pricing
• when you're mentioned in the news
• any time your traffic or sales drop off
• what marketing channels your competition is using
• who's discussing your brand on social media
• job postings
• and almost anything else you want monitored, just ask.

Get in touch. Even if you're not sure whether we're a match, I'll take the time to look at your project, offer any advice I can, and tell you if I can help.


Google Data Studio
Competitive Monitoring
Competitive Intelligence
Data Visualization


Google Data Studio
Google Analytics
Competitive Monitoring
Media Monitoring
Product Management
Startup Consulting


Cottrell Consulting

Head Consultant

Chiang Mai, Tokyo, Santa Cruz · Oct 2017 – Present

At Cottrell Consulting we provide:

  • Stunning Google Data Studio reports.
  • Custom Google Analytics reports and dashboards.
  • Competitive monitoring (price changes, web mentions, reputation monitoring, etc.)

Tickr Inc.

Product Manager & Sales Engineer

San Francisco, CA · Jul 2016 – Aug 2017

Post-acquisition – managed transition of the existing MarketSpace product to the Tickr platform. Managed the design and specifications of the first white labeled Tickr product for the financial industry. Served as Product Manager & Sales Engineer to deliver custom solutions to Google, Apple, Lego, Gatorade and more.

Market.Space Inc

Director of Product & Marketing – Co-founder

Santa Cruz, CA · Jul 2014 – Jul 2016

Acquired in 2016. I lead 3 iterations of the product’s design, with the final design being cited as a major factor in the company’s acquisition. In tandem with design, I managed the company’s social ads, display ads and email marketing along with user analytics. This lead to a cohesive data-driven approach to marketing and design that played a major role in onboarding our first 1000 users.

NextSpace Coworking + Innovation Inc

Content Craftsman

Santa Cruz, CA · Oct 2012 – Jul 2014

The NextSpace Content Craftsman acts as content manager for all 10 NextSpace branches.

•Analyzed user data to develop an effective messaging strategy for the organization’s existing and potential members.
•Worked with all 10 NextSpace branches to establish brand consistency across each region’s social media channels.
•Used data analysis techniques to analyze member data. This data was then used to generate customer/audience segments for all social and promotional channels.

Imageblock Books


Berkeley, CA · Dec 2011 – Dec 2013

Served as business development lead through the creation of the first iteration of Imageblock Books. This included outlining business plans, extensive market research, influencer list building, marketing strategy, and industry outreach. Had the honor of working with and learning from an incredible team from the animation industry (formerly Pixar, Dreamworks, ILM).


University of California Santa Cruz

Business Management Economics

Santa Cruz, CA · 2009 – 2013